Bezzera BZ10: Element Replacement

Learn how to replace the element of a Bezzera BZ10 espresso machine.

1. Place down a towel or foam pad and lay the machine on its back. Use a 3mm Allen to remove the 4 Allen screws that hold on the element cover.


2. Using a 7mm wrench of socket, remove the 7mm brass nut and 7mm screw that hold the high limit to the element. Once the high limit is undone, remove the blue and the red wire from the element terminals.


3. Flip the machine on its top and using either a 10mm wrench, or preferably a 10mm socket remove the six 10mm screws holding the element to the boiler. Take note of the screw post outlined in red. When the element is removed this 7mm brass screw needs to be removed from the old element and using the provided thread sealant, screw into the new element. This is the post that the high limit attaches to.


4. The hardest part is separating the element from the boiler. You will want to use something thin like a screwdriver to wedge in between the element and the machine and twist, working your way around the element. Note that sometimes it is easier to get at the element with the housing of the machine off so that you can come in from the side.


5. To remove the housing flip the machine upright, then remove these two 3mm Allen screws.


6. Flip the machine on its back and remove the four 3mm Allen screws. Flip the machine upright again. The top of the housing has frame sliders that slide into the sides of the frame. You will just lift up and apply some outward pressure to each side of the panel to get it out of the frame. Once both sides are popped out you can simply slide off the housing.


7. When the element is removed from the machine, make sure to pull out the old gasket and replace it with a new element gasket. Reverse order to put everything back and seal up your machine.

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