Bezzera DUO and Matrix: Intake Solenoid Removal

Learn how to remove the intake solenoid of Bezzera DUO and Bezzera Matrix espresso machines.

1. Using a 3mm Allen wrench, remove the two screws outlined in red that hold the reservoir support. Then using a 7mm wrench remove the three nut and washers the hold the pump to the frame.


2. Use a crescent wrench to remove the nut that holds the socket to the reservoir support.


3. Unplug the wires to the capacitor outlined in yellow. You should now be able to remove the reservoir support. Remove the 3 wires outlined in red that attach to the solenoid valve.


4. Use a 12mm and 15mm wrench to undo the two connections for the pump outlined in yellow.


5. Use a 7mm wrench to remove the screw that holds down the ground wires. Once removed, you should be able to remove the pump which will give you access to the solenoid valve.


6. Use a 12mm wrench and a 15mm wrench to remove the 3 connections that hold the solenoid assembly in.


7. The elbow coming off the solenoid assembly has a small jet inside of it, which it is very easy to become plugged. This is usually the cause of the issue when the steam boiler will not properly fill. Use a flat head screwdriver to remove the jet.


8. Outlined in red is what the jet looks like. This can be cleaned using descaler, compressed air, and a small paperclip or sewing needle.


9. To open the solenoid use a 14mm wrench to remove the nut that hold on the black coil. Once the coil is removed, use a 17mm wrench to loosen the post from the base of the solenoid valve. Inside the post is the plunger with a spring around it. Check and make sure there is no buildup on it. This can be cleaned by soaking in some descaler if necessary.


10. Reverse the order of the steps given above to put the machine back together. For additional assistance removing and/or re-attaching the external housing, watch the video linked here.

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