Rocket Espresso R Cinquantotto: Replace and Tighten Brew Pressure Gauge

Learn how to replace and tighten the brew pressure gauge of a Rocket Espresso R Cinquantotto espresso machine. 

1. Use a medium tipped Phillips screwdriver to remove the four screws that hold the top panel to the water reservoir support. It is important to use a Philips screwdriver that fits right. These screws have a tendency to strip. Apply good downward pressure and turn.


2. Once the top panel is removed, there are two 7mm screws that hold the top part of the panel to the frame. Use a 7mm wrench or socket to loosen these screws. These screws do not need to be fully removed, just loosened.


3. Use a 3mm Allen to remove the screw that holds the bar to the side panel.


4. Slide the machine towards the edge of whatever surface you are working on. Loosen the two 7mm screws that hold the bottom of the panel to the frame. These only need to be loosened.


5. At this point, all of the screws holding the side panel to the frame of the machine should be loose. Pull the bottom of the side panel outwards, away from the machine. Separate the side panel from the back panel. This will allow you to easily slide the last screw out of the frame slide that it rests in.

6. Both the block of the gauge and the tightening nut for the bracket are 14mm. You can do this next part using either a single wrench, or two 14mm wrenches. If using two, place one wrench on the brass square outlined in yellow to hold the position of the gauge and use the other 14mm wrench to tighten the nut. If using one wrench you can get the gauge mostly tight and then use your wrench to straighten out the gauge, then tighten the gauge the rest of the way.


7. If replacing the gauge, you will simply undo the tightening nut. The bracket has a cut in it. Slide the bracket off the threading and over the copper line, then slide the bracket off the line via the cut out. Use a 12mm wrench to undo the capillary of the gauge and then slide the gauge out of the front of the machine.

Note: Sometimes the steam boiler is resting right up against the gauge and you can not get your wrench onto the gauge to loosen or tighten it. If that happens, follow the extra step listed below.

8. Use a 17mm wrench to loosen the two copper pipes outlined in yellow from the steam and hot water valves. Then use a 13mm wrench to loosen the nuts outlined in red. Again these should only need to be loosened and not removed. This should now allow the steam boiler to be moved up and down enough to give you space to tighten or loosen the bracket nut on the gauge.


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