Bezzera DUO and Matrix: Replace Control Board

Learn how to replace the control board of Bezzera DUO DE, DUO MN, Matrix DE and Matrix MN espresso machines.

1. Remove the housing of your machine. A video showing how to do this can be found below:

Bezzera Matrix MN & DE: How to Remove Housing

2. Once the housing is removed, you will locate the large black box, this is the control board. Use a small Phillips head screwdriver to remove the upper and lower screws that hold the cover on. Once removed, take off the cover and set to the side.


3. Take pictures or label the position of all the connectors on the board. Unplug all the board connections. Instead of removing the casing of the board, it is easier to just remove the board itself and replace it with the new board. Remove the four Phillips screws in each corner. Once removed, slide out the control board. Slide in the new control board, screw in all four corners, plug your connections back in, and screw the cover back on.


4. Put the housing back onto the machine.

Note: If you have the Matrix/Duo DE, You will need to perform the additional steps list below in order for the machine to work properly. Failure to do so will result in the button panel not functioning.

5. Start up the machine, if it jumps instantly to the main screen, type the power icon to the bottom left. This will bring you back to the idle screen where the wrench icon will be displayed. Select the wrench.


6. You will need to enter in a code to enter the service menu. Enter in “1906” and press “OK”.


7. The very first option is “Machine layout” By default this option is going to be set to “MN” You are going to want to select “BZ” which will then highlight a green line underneath the option once selected. You can not hit “OK” and exit the menu. The button panel should not be able to function.


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