JURA Z10: Install a Water Filter

Learn how to install a water filter into a JURA Z10 espresso machine.

Installing the Smart filter into the Z10 is slightly different than any other machine due to it having a filter casing. The ‘how-to’ page in the machine manual is attached. The steps are:

  1. Remove the filter casing from the water tank. Twist and lift upward.
  2. Pinch the upper part of the casing to release the top.
  3. Remove the top of the casing by pulling it upward.
  4. Insert the CLEARYL Smart Filter vertically into the casing.
    • NOTE: approximately 1 inch of the filter will be seen at the bottom of the casing.
  5. Reinsert the top of the filter casing and click it into place.
  6. Insert the casing along with the filter inside into the empty water tank.
  7. Twist to click the filter casing into place.
  8. Fill water tank with water.

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