Bezzera Hobby: Machine Won't Drain After Brewing

Learn what to do when a Bezzera Hobby espresso machine does not discharge after brewing a shot.

1. Remove the tray and locate the socket underneath it.


2. The socket is held to the machine by two 2.5mm Allen screws on the bottom of the machine. Flip the machine over and remove the socket.


3. Look through and make sure that this hole is clear.


4. Locate the drain in the drip tray. This cap screws onto a brass fitting with a plunger inside. Grab the cap and unscrew it.


5. Inspect the cap and make sure that the drain holes in the cap are clear.


6. The plunger outlined in red and the brass fitting outlined in yellow below can become stuck due to build up. Make sure that these parts are free and clear. All build up cleaned from them. The gasket of the plunger can dry and also cause it to get stuck closed. A small amount of food safe lubricant can help keep this from sticking.


7. Reassemble the drain components.

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