Bezzera Hobby: Solenoid Valve Removal and Disassembly

Learn how to to remove and disassemble the solenoid valve on a Bezzera Hobby espresso machine.

1. Using a 2.5mm Allen wrench, remove the two screws holding on the top cover.


2. Using a 10mm wrench, or at most an 8-inch crescent wrench, remove the two water lines outlined in yellow. Pull off the clear water line that is outlined in red. Using a flat head screwdriver, remove the solenoid wires outlined in purple. Please note to mark the wires and their position or at least take a photo so that they can be placed back in the same place.


3. Use a 3mm Allen wrench to remove the two screws that hold the solenoid to the body. They can be seen outlined in red below.


4. The top of the solenoid is held on by a 14mm nut with a 13mm nut on top of it to tighten up the discharge elbow. The easiest method for removal is to use a 8-inch crescent wrench to hold both nuts and a 9mm wrench to remove the discharge elbow pictured in yellow.


5. You can either use a 13 mm and 14 mm wrench, or an 8-inch crescent wrench to remove the top 13mm nut in yellow, and the bottom 14mm nut in red. Once they are removed there is a thin washer and then you can slide the solenoid coil off.


6. Use either two crescent wrenches or a single crescent wrench and a 20mm wrench. Use the crescent wrench to hold the solenoid base marked with the red arrow, and use another crescent wrench or 20mm wrench to remove the solenoid shaft marked with the yellow arrow.

7. The plunger is shown in yellow, the base in red, and the shaft in light blue. Remove the plunger from the shaft and all of these parts can soak in some descaler. You can also use a light wire brush to gently clean off any build up.

Hobby6a.png     Hobby6b.png Hobby7.png

8. Below is a photo that shows all the solenoid parts and their correct order for reference when re-assembling.


9. Once the parts are cleaned, the solenoid can be assembled and then installed back into the machine.


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Failure of normal wear and tear items such as group gaskets, seals, and shower screens are not covered under warranty.  Issues due to scale build-up or lack of maintenance are not covered.

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