Low Steam or Hot Water Pressure Even When There is Boiler Pressure

Learn what to do when the gauge on your espresso machine reads good steam pressure, but the machine is producing little to no steam or hot water out of the wand.

The video below provides a good explanation on what can cause flow issues:

And here is a video that shows you how you can service your valves:


ECM Synchronika: Servicing Steam and Hot Water Valves

The following information is here to give you a better view of the "Acutator/Plug" that can cause low or no steam or hot water issues:

If you have good steam pressure according to the gauge on your machine, and are also experiencing one of both of the following issues, it may be that this part in the steam/hot water valve (part number: ECM-P6003.9) has to be replaced:

  • Starting off with good steam pressure or hot water flow before the steam pressure or water flow weakens or stops completely
  • Getting no steam or hot water out of your wands


In the image above, you can see the top black seal is pushing out of the brass holder. The second of the seals pictured below is an example of what the seal should look like.

For help removing your machine's housing, check out the video below:

ECM Synchronika: How to Remove and Install Housing

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