Profitec Pro 700: Machine Not Heating, Static Relay Test

Learn what to do when a Profitec Pro 700 espresso machine is not heating at all, or only partially heating. Also included is how to test the static relay to see if that is the cause of the issue.

If you find that your machine is not heating at all, or only partially heating, it is possible that your static relay has failed.

First, remove your machine's housing. The following support article has a video that shows how to do this:

Next, locate the two relays, circled in red below:


The left and right static relay correspond to the steam boiler and the coffee boiler, respectively.

Perform a visual inspection of the relays, verifying that all wires are making solid connections at the terminals and that nothing is scorched or burned.

Turn your machine on. Check the right relay for the coffee boiler. If the relay is getting power, the red light should be solid. During an ordinary heating cycle, the right red light will stay illuminated until the coffee boiler comes up to temp.

After that, you will see the relay lights alternate between flashing back and forth and the left light remaining solid, indicating that the PID is maintaining the temperature of the coffee boiler as well as heating the steam boiler.

If you have a multimeter, use it to check that the relays have power and are properly directing current (sometimes the red lights can fail but the relay is still operating).

The wire which connects to terminal 1 on each relay is the incoming power, and the wire connected to terminal 2 is where power is sent out to the boiler’s high limit and then to the heating element.

There is a section in the video linked below that goes over how to test the static relays of your machine with a voltage meter.

You most likely have a faulty relay if you do not get a reading of 120 volts at terminal 1, or if you do not get the same reading at terminal 2 when the red light is illuminated.

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