How to Retrofit an Expobar Control Board

Learn how to retrofit older control boards to the most current control box on Expobar machines. Applicable machines include all Expobar single-group heat-exchanger espresso machines, except the Office Control.

NOTE: These instructions are written for the advanced technician who is comfortable self-servicing their machine's electrical components. If you have any concerns about successfully or safely completing this process, please contact Technical Support.

Below are photos illustrating the wiring adaptations needed for retrofitting an old Expobar single-group heat exchanger machine with a more modern two-bank redesigned control board.


Pictured above: Far left and far right, Old board with one row; Center, New board with two rows.

While these two parts are functionally identical, the old and new boards differ largely in the arrangement of their terminals. The new board has two abbreviated rows of terminals while the old has only a single row. If the board used by your current machine appears to have the two staggered rows of terminals instead of one straight line (as with the center board pictured above), you should be able to safely disregard this message and swap the wires without any changes.

After completing the conversion, you will have one unused wire (attached to pin 6 on the old board, labeled "Fase"). Seal this loose connector off with a blank socket or electrical tape to avoid it corroding or creating a short circuit against the metal body of the machine. The two wires entering the rear bank (water level probe and ground) will have one empty terminal on each side as pictured, pins 7 and 10; These will not be used. The hot lead for the old board, previously connected to terminal 2 (ailment) remains on terminal 2 of the new board. We would also advise numbering the terminals (as illustrated) as it fool-proofs the whole process and gives you an easy-out should you want to jump back to the old board.


Pictured above: Left, old board from below; Right, new board from below.


Pictured above: Pin order: 12 34 5678


Pictured above: Pin order, 12785 34


Pictured above: Note the empty terminals on the new board (left of 3 and right of 4)

Most Current Board Style

Since the creation of these instructions, the control board has been updated. Although the look of the current board is different, all the wiring outlined in the instructions listed above is the same. This is shown in the photo below.


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