Coffee FAQs

Why does my product look different than what I ordered;

Manufacturers sometimes change or update their packaging or small details of the product without notifying their retailers. 

You may have the same product you're used to, just with a new look. Please check to see if the product is not the same product with a different label.

Items included as part of a bundle, or as a “Gift with Purchase” may be substituted at our discretion prior to shipment.

If you receive an item that does not match what you ordered, contact a member of our Customer Service team immediately to report the discrepancy.

How Fresh Is the Coffee You Sell?

All of our coffee sold as “New” is shipped with at least 60 days remaining before reaching its “Best By” date, as listed on the package. This date is a recommendation by the manufacturer. Coffee marked down as part of a Flash Sale, as Clearance, or otherwise indicated as past the Best By date, may have fewer than 60 days remaining or has already passed its Best By date.

The Coffee I’ve Purchased Tastes Bad

It's possible that the coffee is better suited to different preparation and brewing techniques than you're used to. Our coffee selection is large and it can be easy to choose a product without fully understanding how different brewing techniques affect what pours into your cup. We strongly recommend reviewing our video on the Golden Rule. We strongly advise trying the smallest available size of any coffee variety before purchasing multi-packs or bulk quantities, as taste is subject to individual preference. Each bag, brick, pod, or unit of coffee is representative of that product’s flavor profile as a whole. Coffee is a grocery product and is not eligible for return.

Why is My Coffee Packaged the Way It Is?

Coffee is packaged in a few standard styles:

  1. Loose-bag (Ground and Whole Bean)
    • My Bag of Whole Bean Coffee is not Vacuum Sealed or is Puffed Up! 
      • Whole Bean coffee is packaged loose and hasn't been vacuum-sealed by design. Once roasted, coffee beans naturally start to release gases even while sitting unused. On most bags, you will see a small, one-way “breather valve”. This allows air to escape the packaging. If the gases build up quicker than they can be released, it may result in a puffed up bag. Oh the other hand, the rigors of shipping can press these gases through the valve such that the bag arrives in a tight, brick-like form. Please note that these gases will not adversely affect the quality of your drinks.
  2. Nitrogen Infused Tin (Ground and Whole Bean)
  3. Breathable Can or Tin (Ground and Whole Bean)
  4. Vacuum Sealed Brick (Ground-Only)

My Coffee is Damaged!

We make every effort to protect the contents of your order, but you may find that your product's packaging has been dented or punctured while in transit to you. In most cases, damage to a coffee’s packaging is not harmful and will cause no adverse effects on the brewed drink. This is because it has remained fully sealed from the manufacturer's warehouse to when it was shipped to your home. If in extreme circumstances,  grounds or beans have fallen out of their container into the shipping box, please contact Customer Service to report the damaged merchandise.