How do I access My Account?

Click the link below to find our login page. If you're already logged in, this will navigate you to your account dashboard.

Account Page

Can I Transfer or Redeem Latte Rewards or Gift Cards to Another Account?

Latte Rewards may only be redeemed by the user and/or account on which they were accrued and cannot be transferred, nor awarded, to another user and/or account. Whole Latte Love reserves the right to cancel at its discretion any orders placed with these Latte Reward balances and terminate any issued gift credit stemming from a transferred Latte Rewards balance or redemption.

Why can't I see an order I placed?

If you ordered over the phone, checked out as a guest, or you were signed in to a different account when your order was placed, it will not appear under your order history.

I don’t see any orders from before 2019. Where do I find them?

Any orders prior to March 2019 cannot be imported due to our recent web platform change.