Welcome to the new Whole Latte Love Technical Portal! 

Through here, you will be able to submit tickets to our agents so they can assist you. The portal also provides you with quick links to our policies, procedures, and our Wiki for technical solutions for self-help. This instructional will cover how you can use this new portal to submit your tickets to us, check your ticket status, and find various outlets for self-help.

To externally get to our technical portal, the link is: https://support.wholelattelove.com

This will drop you off at the landing page:

Or if you found the portal through the website, you may have already landed at this page.

First, you have an option to create an account once you've submitted a ticket. Opting NOT to create an account does not hinder your ability to submit tickets to us. Creating an account will allow you to view status updates as to where it is in the queue, and also allows you to edit your ticket information. 

To submit a ticket without an account is straight forward. Click the link on the page that says, "New Support Ticket", and fill out the necessary information, then hit, "Submit".

Once you've completed that, your ticket will have been submitted to our technical team, and they will respond to you within 2 Business Days .

If you'd like to create an account, that can be done so AFTER you've submitted a ticket. By submitting a ticket, your email is now registered with the system, and you just need to get a password for it. To start that process after you've submitted a ticket, click, "LOGIN".

Once you've selected "LOGIN", it will drop you off at the sign-in page. From here, you would want to click, "Forgot Your Password?", enter the email you used on your ticket, and hit reset password:

It should then provide you with a password that you can use to sign-in to your technical portal account.

As we mentioned, once you have an account, you can check things like your ticket status, to see if a representative has worked it yet, or if you need to go back and edit information on the ticket. You do this while signed in to your account. When signed in, if you click, "Check Ticket Status", it will show you the status of any of your open tickets with us:

This page would show you any open tickets you currently have with us, and the status of them.

As we mentioned, the portal has links to self-help outlets as well. It has links to our Wiki pages, as well as policies and procedures, and other various company updates that we may put here. Simply scroll to the bottom of the portal home page, and you will see the various links and categories for the self-help sections:

This section will continue to grow as we add more content for self-help with your espresso equipment, or quickly finding any of our policies and procedures.

This concludes our overview of the new Technical Portal! If you are experiencing any issues accessing the portal, or submitting a ticket, our customer service line is available to help you. They can be reached at our main line, 585-924-7170.